Version 1.0f (self-extracting) - An Ftp utility which can be used to sync files on a local station with those on a remote ftp server.  Currently, the utility only "Gets" files.   

Version 1.0e (self-extracting) - I'm leaving this version in place for now.  No reason version 1.0f shouldn't work fine though.   

Vista users - When installing JTFtp choose "Run As Administrator" from the Right-Click menu when running the jtf.exe install file.

If  you have a slow/dial-up connection to the machine where your files reside but have access to a high-speed connection elsewhere this utility may be useful upon occasion.  It will create a mirror list of the files you want to sync with the same datetime stamp but with a zero file size.  You can take this list to the location with a high-speed connection, sync the files and then burn them to CD/DVD and bring them back to your main location.

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Version History

v1.0(beta)  Initial Release - 3/30/2002


v1.0f - 09/22/2009 - Internal Adjustments:

  • Window is now resizable.
  • Using a different method for finding GMT.

v1.0e - 08/27/2008 - Internal Adjustments:

  • Trying out a new Grid Control.
  • Fixed a few other things.

v1.0d - 01/10/2007 - Internal Adjustments:

  • Significant interface changes.

v1.0c - 01/05/2007 - Internal Adjustments:

  • Some minor changes for Vista.

v1.0b - 7/9/2004 - Internal Adjustments/Functionality:

  • Re-worked the registration process.
  • Replaced the Help process with a standard Help File.

v1.0a - 10/21/2002 - Internal Adjustments/Functionality:

  • Ability to sort Results by Status, Date/Time, Size, File Name.
  • Minor Interface adjustments.

v1.0 - 9/28/2002 - General Release:

  • I've decided to stop calling this a beta product.  So here it is...



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