JTWebServ v2.0i is a simple but flexible webservice server.  It allows one to request data from most any database and return results to the client in most any form is desired.  One can easily configure it to return XML, JSON, HTML, Binary and Plain Text formats.  Currently it only accepts REST requests.

Feedback very much appreciated. 

Below is an example of what a request and the setup for an XML feed might look like:




Version History

v1.0  Initial Release - May 4, 2010


v2.0i - 12/21/2016 - Functionality and Fixes:

v2.0h - 02/14/2014

v2.0g - 08/23/2012

v2.0f - 07/12/2012

v2.0e - 12/12/2011

v2.0d - 11/21/2011

v2.0c - 11/01/2011

v2.0b - 09/23/2011

v2.0a - 08/23/2011

v1.0a - 05/04/2010 Initial Release






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